Doing the Night Drugs Round on Nights

Sep 08, 2015, 03:23 PM

Miss Ballinger, President of the Worcestershire Royal Infirmary Nurses' League, remembers the very unusual way the drug round was carried out on Nights at Ronkswood. R2015.003.001 #nursing #hospital #nurse #Ronkswood #WorcesterRoyalInfirmary #nursinghistory #GMMedicalMuseum #InfirmaryWorc @gmmedicalmuseum @infirmaryworc

Transcript: 'We went to the office and we did the medicine round. Now we did not go round the patients, they were in the office, drugs, we, the night sisters, myself of course, carried in a biscuit box, a red biscuit box, we had,. We carried all that we might want in the night'

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