Muriel's uniform at Guy's Hospital in 1955

Jul 28, 2014, 01:52 PM

Muriel Clayson describes her uniform at Guy's Hospital in 1955.

#nurseuniforms #nursing #Guy'sHospital #Hospital #uniform #worcester @GMMedicalMuseum @InfirmaryWorc. ''Mauve and white stripe with a mauve collar, all in one, we didn’t have any white collars and cuffs separate. It was what you would call a shirt waister, it came into the waist and the skirt had been given extra pleating at the back, well gathering I suppose, a sort of bustle affect, to allow you more freedom of movement. The aprons were white starched , with a bib - no straps on ours - no pins - we pinned never show - Guy’s nurses never showed a pin - pins were on little flaps behind the bib and it did up with a button at the back - that was quite wasn’t too skimpy either. Black shoes, very flat lace up. Most were lace-up. I don’t think people had slip on shoes that much anyway, and grey stockings, ‘cause it was still stockings, no tights in ’55, grey stockings, they were hard to come by as well, hard to look after. And a cap...and the cap was a very complicated cap , which I couldn’t really explain to you- you’d need to see a picture I think but it started off as half a tea cosy- that shape...and by the time you had put the stitch round it and pulled it up and made various pleats... you ended up with a cap which had a front bit.'' (c) Charles Hastings Education Centre.