Sep 16, 2015, 02:26 AM

The title should be: Albert's Patio - A Slippery Friend - A Recommendation. I recorded this on my deck today with the fantastic Roland R-05. I love that little thing. I added a bit of reverb to the slippery part.

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alberth - about 2 years ago

Hey Pete thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. I've been thinking about getting another nice guitar to grow old with me. I'm also hoping it would get me back into to playing more. The Roland sure does a great job recording. Take care.


PeteLane - about 2 years ago

Love that Paul Simon tune - well sung and you have a good voice, Albert! I always loved the sound and action of the Ovation, but you're right about the contoured back: slippery. I have an old Guild I bought back around 1976 - a beautiful large Drednaught body and magnificent sound. It's been through hell though, with a couple of cracks and a well worn fret board. I should send it to the company to get some work done on it. The applause sounds good: full, crisp and clear! Good post!