Bears Cyborgs and your External Brain

Sep 16, 2015, 02:57 PM

A Good and Geeky look at comments I heard in a discussion about whether we are getting too much screen time. There are some people who are complaining that we spend too much time hooked up to our iPhones, iPads and computers and that it devoted ourselves from real life. There are videos on YouTube of people walking down the street so engrossed by what's happening in the iPhone that they managed to walk directly into a bear. Screen time doesn't have to be that dangerous though you could just as easily walk into a lamppost or fall down a hole in the street.

Are you becoming divorced from real-life because you have your head in the cloud? Maybe you're becoming a bit of a robot because you're always using your mobile computing devices to enhance what you do with life and how you do it?

I like to think that it is good to use technology to Record a Life in a good and geeky way. Record your life in something much more than a boring old journal filled with scribbled writings. We can now make videos, record audios to add to our photographs and about writing. Some of it which make public input into the social networks and some of it we can just keep to ourselves.

I'd like to think about technology in an optimistic way in that it will make lives better for us overall. It doesn't have to turn us into thinking robots and it can enhance our lives in so many different ways.

What about you? Are you into technology as much as I am and eager to incorporate it into your life as much is possible?