Uphall at Lendrick Muir - Day 4 (Pod 2)

May 20, 2011, 06:08 AM
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cgilchrist - over 6 years ago

I was lucky enough to join P6 and staff for the day on Thursday. I can assure parents/carers that your children have had the time of their lives this week under the direction of dedicated instructors. It's something they will never forget! Thanks P6 for giving me such a warm welcome and many thanks to Mrs Sinclair, Mr Drummond and Miss Rankine for allowing these children to experience activities they may never experience again! Caroline Gilchrist


Sommer11Jill - over 6 years ago

that was absolutely fab. great to be able to hear how the kids have got on all week. they all seem to have had an amazing time.


thomasconnorpot - over 6 years ago