Liverpool Life podcast, week ending November 27, 2015

Nov 27, 2015, 05:22 PM

It's been a big week for news on soooo many fronts. The team is tackling the big issues on defence and how to respond to the so-called Islamic State and asking how, in the wake of the Paris attacks, YOU fee about Syrian refugees coming to Liverpool. Meanwhile, national politics is also going to have a major impact on the city and its citizens. The Chancellor's public spending review on Wednesday, which, combined with devolution to the Liverpool City Region, many say will lead to the biggest shake-up in local governance and services since...well, ever! Ahead of our podcast special on all this next week, we get the reaction from a Labour stalwart. Another policy that's affecting many people is the so-called 'bedroom tax' - we talk to the head of a local company on how to beat it! The disability assessment is being accused by a research group headed by a Liverpool academic of being responsible for hundreds of deaths of mentally fragile people. We investigate the claims. Plus, we've been down to one of the most unusual venues for a musical competition - Moorfields Station! Still on the arts, we've the latest on what's going on at the world-class Liverpool Tate. All that, plus the sports' news, wrapping up the week in the Liverpool Life podcast. Thanks for stopping by! (Music: 'The Wild Dogs of Nauru' by The Womb. Used under a Creative Commons licence). #Liverpool, #Liverpoo FC, #TranmereFC, #EvertonFC, #ImaginedMuseum, #bedroomtax, #merseyrail, #mentalhealth, #disability, #mentalhealth.