Converting .arr to mp3 for an Audioboo

Jun 22, 2011, 02:27 PM
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FiremanRich - over 6 years ago

Adam, just notice the link I posted prior to this comment that the audioboo player with "A LG800G Audioboo..." in it, the audio/sound is better when played then when you play & listen to it at my actual audoboo page of it in my audioboo listing. Seems no real feedback in the audioboo/recording below or very little in comparison. Interesting and maybe something is filtered in the process (?).


FiremanRich - over 6 years ago

Adam, I did on my first .arr file upload from my TracFone on my "A LG800G Audioboo..."

The quality of audio when replayed on Audiooo page was somewhat crap with lost of feedback. Though when I posted a link on Facebook of that one particular audioboo & play it back over FB it sounded better to good.with no feedback.

The audioboo recordings on my TracFone (cell phone) are ok audio with converting them on my PC to mp3., then upload to Audioboo. No problem doing this, only takes a minute to do and I know I'm getting a good audio.

I agree, my audioboos recorded on my iPod Touch are much better sounding, and if I had an iPhone they would sound even better. iPhone is still a "nice to have item" for me due to it's cost to use thus the use of a TracFone (cell phone). Their low cost and I'm one that uses what I can which is affordable & within my budget.

Sort of seeing what I have for Audioboo recording capability other then the iPod Touch and direct record from PC. I think my LG800g TracFone is working ok so far.


skattyadz - over 6 years ago

Did you try just uploading the file? We don't ask specifically for mp3, we will convert it ourselves automatically.

Doesn't sound as good as the iPhone, IMO.