The Most Energizing Foods For the Brain

Dec 18, 2015, 11:44 AM

Time to Detoxify and Cleanse Your Body. Fall is Here and now the Unhealthy Sins of Summer, cookouts, vacations parties, out of town visitors, hustling the kids back and forth, grabbing fast food meals on the go all have to be purged from our Bodies.For many people September means getting back into the full swing of work, school, night and weekend classes, parenting, volunteer work or any combination. These work, life and stress demands require us to be able to use all the good energy and vitality your body can give. But, for the following reasons many Americans lack the Energy they need.

These same sugar and caffeine rushes plus the SAD (Standard American Diet) Fast Food Diet of Fried foods, Red Meats and Fats for many Americans also create those unwanted afternoon and evening mental crashes and mental exhaustion breakdowns. All these excesses cause a weakened immune and digestive system and creates a body where blood cannot properly carry enough energy giving oxygen and nutrients. In addition, the colon and body cells become overburden with toxic byproducts and energy destroying waste debris and harmful bacteria is trapped within body cells and the colon which the body cannot eliminate.

Without properly detoxifying your body now and ridding your digestive tract and colon of collected waste and toxic debris that have settle there during the summer you could be in a for a very difficult, low energy and sickly fall and winter. Now is the time to detoxify and provide your body with enough high quality fiber, nutrients and liquids to energize. This will help provide the energy you need to get your body and mind ready for the coming opportunities and responsibilities. Doing a proper Detox Cleanse program will give you much needed extra vitality to enjoy family, friends and have energy left over for relaxing and fun time activities.