The KGC: An American Conspiracy (Part 3)

Dec 19, 2015, 07:44 AM

They had lawyers, guns and money, as well as cartographers and engineers, tradesmen, politicians and professionals of all station, all embedded in American society and the money in the earth itself. One day these would all be needed by the Knights of the Golden Circle and if the people, their skills and their ideals would not survive the generations then their amassed fortune would. And here is where one legend intersects with another: The Lost Dutchman Mine and the Knights of the Golden Circle. Was the Lost Mine a massive KGC treasure cache? It's treasure may never be found, but those that have gone looking may have found its sentinels, and along with it, an often mysterious demise.

Tonight's Quote:

"...The secessionists of (El) Monte are only awaiting the withdrawal of troops from Los Angeles before they commence operations..."

Edwin A. Sherman, San Bernardino County Newspaper Editor in a letter to Union Army General E. V. Sumner, Commander of the U.S. Pacific Division

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