What You Must Look for in a Survival Knife

Dec 19, 2015, 09:32 AM

The individual asking the question is my first consideration. http://nomorefakereviews.ning.com/articles/the-ultimate-emp-survival-plan-review If the person is well experienced in the art of hunting, camping, hiking, or fishing, they will most likely need less gear than an inexperienced person. Hunters who camp are usually the best qualified, in my opinion, because many of them hike to where they hunt, then camp and hunt, which makes them more outdoors qualified. It's important when you're looking for a good survival kit to fully understand your limitations in the field. It's also crucial to be honest and do not make the mistake of thinking you can get by on very little, when you really can not. Additionally, do not confuse comfort with survival, because survival is not a comfy situation. It's being able to do what it takes to stay alive, with what gear you have, and that will mean some discomfort.

Also, the environment you're attempting to survive in has a lot to do with your survival odds. It's easier to survive in a jungle than it is the Arctic Circle, or a burning desert. Each area requires a different survival kit, with the environment considerations as a motivator. In the desert you'll want more water, sun screen, wide brimmed hat, and so on. While in the arctic you'll want gear that will assist you in staying warm, such as hot foods, shelter, and a good sleeping bag. The environment plays a key role in your survival efforts and should always be considered as you assemble or purchase a survival kit. So, keep in mind your knowledge, environment, and gear you think you'll honestly need.

You may have noticed, I did not say I would be comfortable during my survival situation. You'll notice the lack of a meal or real food and that's not an important issue for most healthy individuals. We can go weeks without food, but only a limited time without water, depending on the temperature. In the desert, for instance, a temperature of over 100 degrees can kill you in just a few hours, but that also depends on a number of variables. In this article I do not have the space to expand on desert survival. http://nomorefakereviews.ning.com/articles/the-ultimate-emp-survival-plan-review