Is Faith Rational? (Part Two)

Dec 21, 2015, 12:00 PM

Continuing on faith and reason with Nathan Gilmour and Rob Dyer.

In this half we focus on the critique of evidentialism in Basil Mitchell's “Faith and Criticism” (1994), Peter van Inwagen's "Clifford's Principle" (1994, from his "Quam Dilecta"), and Alvin Plantinga's “Is Belief in God Properly Basic?” (1981). We consider briefly how mysticism plays into the idea of private experience counting as evidence with William Alston's "Experience in Religious Belief" (1991), and then we consider whether you can will yourself to believe (or not) by considering "pragmatic faith" in Richard Swinburne's "The Voluntariness of Faith" (1981) and editor Paul Helm's strange rebuttal in "Faith and Merit" (1999). #philosophy #religion #gilmour #dyer #faith #reason #atheism Go to the blog: