Is There More Than One Type Of Kissing?

Dec 28, 2015, 04:56 AM

Are you sick of the usual dinner-and-a-movie dates? Does your wallet scream in protest when you take it out to pay for your share of another over-priced meal? While you may think the only way to have fun is to continue draining your bank account every weekend, with our creative and inexpensive outings, you'll soon enjoy the idea of being a "cheap date." Go to an upscale neighborhood near you and find an open house (meaning a real estate open house, not just an unlocked door obviously). Walk around and dream about actually living there or act like you already do and give each other the grand tour. For a swanky night in, ask your well-to-do friend with the gorgeous apartment to let you borrow it for the evening. You can make dinner and eat in style ... plus get some great decorating tips.

See if you can find a winery or brewery in your area. (You'd be surprised how many towns have these now.) Most places offer tours and will let you sample their wares for little or no cost. Pretend to be experts and impress each other with words like "bouquet" (a way to describe the smell of wine) and "carbonic maceration" (the method in which most red wines are made).