TFOT - Episode 10: Eleanor Fitzsimons - 'Recovering' the lives of Women in History

Jan 05, 2016, 02:44 PM

Author and researcher Eleanor Fitzsimons is Helen Shaw's latest guest in The Family of Things.

Eleanor's acclaimed biography of Oscar Wilde from the perspective of the women in his life 'Wilde's Women' opens new windows on both Wilde and his work. Eleanor's beautifully written and carefully researched study was published in Ireland in Autumn 2015 and is being released in the US this year.

In this conversation with presenter Helen Shaw she introduces us to Wilde's intriguing mother, Jane Wilde a celebrated writer in her own time, and his much suffering wife Constance LLoyd as well as the women writers who influenced and inspired Wilde. Eleanor describes her work (as you will hear in this short clip) as 'recovering' lost stories of women in history and sees her journey as akin to excavating the past; bringing forth what has been forgotten or obscured.

Wilde's Women is published by Duckworth Overlook and you can follow Eleanor's work and story via twitter @EleanorFitz

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Photo courtesy of Eleanor Fitzsimons

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