Aristotle’s “De Anima”: What Is the Mind? (Part One)

Jan 11, 2016, 12:00 PM

Our second discussion of De Anima or On the Soul (350 BCE), this time on book 3.

What is the intellect? In ep. 130, we talked about Aristotle's idea of the soul as the form of the body and about two of its functions or parts: the nutritive and the sensitive. Here we talk more about how sensation is supposed to work according to Aristotle, and how the sense organs interact with each other. Aristotle doesn't think, like Kant, that the mind synthesizes data from the senses to create objects. Rather, that synthesis already happens just at the level of sense, that we perceive whole objects and not points in space. We talk about how this then relates to the faculty of imagination, and finally, the intellect (nous, in Greek).

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