Understanding How an Alkaline Diet Works

Jan 12, 2016, 12:14 PM

The first step you should take to combat this problem of stress continence is to avoid or reduce having certain foods and beverages. Especially, alcoholic beverages and those containing more of caffeine should be avoided because they have a capacity to irritate your bladder and stimulate it excessively. When the bladder is over-stimulated, you will not be able to control releasing of urine. The foods you should avoid or reduce are oily and spicy foods, certain citrus fruits, etc. You should completely avoid taking aerated drinks like soda and bottled drinks because they not only irritate your bladder but they contain a lot of bad carbohydrates in them and these may harm your health in the long run. If you start reducing or avoiding the above foods and drinks, you can definitely see a remarkable improvement.


As mentioned earlier, you should shed the habit of smoking forthwith. This habit is a major contributor for bladder irritation. Further, smoking may cause heavy coughing which again puts a lot of pressure on your abdominal region. This increases incontinence. People have the wrong notion that smoking and drinking are antidotes for stress. They can not be more wrong. Perhaps, due to heavy drinking, you may forget your stress-related worries for a few hours but once you get sober, your stress and worries will attack you with more vigor.You should make all-out efforts to reduce your weight. It is better you consult your doctor, dietitian and physical trainer so that you can plan the most appropriate diet and exercise regimens which you should scrupulously follow for reducing your weight. It is a proven fact that weight gain plays a major role in causing stress incontinence.