Preparing For A Buddhist Ritual

Jan 12, 2016, 04:30 PM

This is an invitation from Stanashraddha and Satyalila at Adhisthana to join us in spirit for a special ritual that will take place there on Tuesday January 12th at 1900 GMT.

This ritual is to consecrate and dedicate a two-foot tall Manjusri rupa that will be especially associated with Urgyen Sangharakshita's Complete Works. (Eventually the rupa will sit on a shrine in the Library, there amongst the precious collection of Bhante's rupas, thangkas, and Dharma and other books at the heart of Adhisthana.) During the ritual, which will take place in the Library, various objects will be placed inside the rupa, after which the rupa will be sealed up.

For information on how to join in where you live - including how to view a live video stream! - see

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