How did you go about growing up?

Jul 16, 2011, 07:44 AM
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PhotoinSB - about 6 years ago

So do you pop in here anymore Banana?


SplendidSpunk - about 6 years ago

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Speed - about 6 years ago

I don't think anyone really "grow's up" so to speak, you simply become more aware of what is smart and what is not, and finding a perfect balance between your inner child and your "grown up" part i guess, and it will take the time it takes you can't just force growing up.

This is how i see it anyway.


promod01 - about 6 years ago

it was right around the end of my senior year in high school and nobody in my family was getting along with anyone and i decided that i had had enough of the fighting the bitching and complaing so i left and i moved three states away with the at that time my girlfriend who already lived there and i've only been back to visit once and my parents just receintly came to my wedding my mom my dad and me get along pretty good now but as far as my brother and my sister we barely talk to eachother i left my home at 18 and im now 25


PhotoinSB - about 6 years ago

I've always been a fan of keeping it all balanced. Embrace that inner child, it keeps you young in a world that makes a person grow up fast. The key is knowing the difference between being childish and allowing yourself to enjoy childish things. Don't be so hard on yourself. You will progress as time goes on. Trying to force things just makes it harder in the long run. Acknowledge what it is you want to change, and understand why it is you want to change. Change for the right reasons should be embraced, where as changing for the sake of changing never ends well.


bananaphone - about 6 years ago

Wow! Thanks for your amazing response, I really appreciate that. Yeah, I just think now it is definitely time for me to take some initiative and grow up because where I'm at right now in my childish ways is not where I want to be for the rest of my life and if I get one more year older and still have the same child-like mentality I'd probably end up shooting myself.