Nagasaki Morning

Jul 15, 2009, 09:37 AM, , Japan
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christyxcore - almost 8 years ago

It even sounds beautiful in Japan. Lucky! Have a wonderful rest of the trip!


dyzmom - almost 8 years ago

Hi Leo - and I mean that sincerely, since I wish I could be there in person to bug you with exaggerated "Hi Leo's" on the ship, as I've done on previous Geek Cruises. (My real name is Joan. Dyzmom comes from a band my son used to be in called "The Dyzmals".) Want to tell you how much I'm enjoying your "boos", not to mention the blog and all your gorgeous photos. I hadn't heard of AudioBoo until now, but you can bet I've signed up. What a terrific app to have on a trip. That map's something else! Hope to catch you on a future Geek - er, Insight - cruise.


meace1234 - almost 8 years ago

Ohayo Leo-san
Nan desu ka
Spork desu


Pinegap - almost 8 years ago

Ohayo Leo-san,
Genki desu-ka?
No Taco Bell's in Japan?


craigshipp - almost 8 years ago

Thanks for sharing Leo!


stnacld - almost 8 years ago

Thanks for the update from a beautiful city. Sorry to hear of your program woes.