Joy Complete

Apr 07, 2016, 01:13 PM

Our own ears heard The First Voice of The One Though Whom in tri-toned harmony spoke, “Light!” — The voice which decreed dominion for the sun And separated the day from the night. Our own eyes saw His hands break and bless bread, Watched Him tie a whip, watched Him unwind strife. Our hands held His hand who raised the dead. We saw loves face, and touched the Word of Life. Yet you have not, could not have seen: The blood stained brow, the tomb where he lay, And so I share words on which you hearts may lean That you may have Life, share eternal day. A table is set, wine to drink, bread to eat Come, sit, be welcomed and filled, make our joy complete.

(c) Randy Edwards artwork: Gustave Dore, St John at Patmos #poetry #sonnet #christianity #1John