EP4 - Startup Bootcamp Day 2

Apr 11, 2016, 08:00 AM

If this is the first time you are listening to Accelerator we would strongly suggest that you go back and listen starting at the beginning so you can get to know the story and cast of characters. Today's podcast covers day two of the starter studio boot camp and after a lot of work on their customer value propositions, the founders really started to get the value of their product down to a science.

You like Starter Studio & the Accelerator Podcast - right? It’s cool to see these guys and gals get what might be considered an Ivy League startup education. It’s not easy. It’s a serious investment on their part - but it’s also a major investment on the part of the mentors, teachers, and coaches.

As you’ve heard, these Starters were selected because they showed the right stuff in Episode 1 and are receiving a full ride scholarship through Starter Studio. You’re also getting a full ride scholarship as a listener. So, how did we pull this off? Well, Bryan Orr and Josh Elledge of http://upendPR.com are thrilled to produce this audio show for you and all we ask for in terms of tuition on your part is simply your warm feelings toward the following corporate partners.

Major thank you to The University of Central Florida who does a LOT of work in terms of supporting the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. UCF is the #2 largest university in the United States in terms of student population and in the top 15 in the category of “Most Innovative”. UCF is a great partner in education, technical resources, workforce development and grant support along with other noble missions locally - such as helping make Starter Studio happen with the support of the Office of Research and UCF Innovation Corps

The other Platinum Partner this season that’s helping make this all work is the audit, tax, and business advisory firm, Withum that specializes in helping tech startups. They are the go-to firm for all things tax, accounting and business consulting.

Another partner we want to thank is the law firm, Akerman.

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