Regent's University: Why We Chose Scientia's Timetabling Software Solutions

Apr 12, 2016, 03:28 PM

Regent's #University in #London is a young university with an international focus: 75% of its students come from outside the UK. Formerly Regent's College, an amalgamation of several different schools, #timetabling at the institution has been problematic for years due to variation in #lecture length and rooms 'owned' by each school. With room #efficiency as low as 18% and #student and #tutor satisfaction suffering, becoming a university was the perfect opportunity for Regent's to address its #resource #management problems.

Following a successful installation and test period, Regent's University timetabling staff are starting to use Scientia's Enterprise Foundation #software suite, built on our market-leading Syllabus Plus #scheduling engine. Listen to Regent's Project Manager, Carol Hynson, explain how they got to this point, and why they chose Scientia to deliver their university timetabling #solution. #RegentsUniversity