10 Ideas for Generating $1,000,000 in New Sales - Two Minute Tuesday 20160412

Apr 12, 2016, 07:28 PM

Josh Hill, with recruiting firm Pemberton, Whiteman & Hill, recently emailed me an article from the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal called “Ten Ideas For Generating $1,000,000 in New Sales”. Contributing writer Clifford Jones gets right to point in the first sentence of the article when he states “You can’t generate $1 million in new sales without an advertising budget.” He goes on to say “It seems $1 million serves as the Holy Grail of sales thresholds for most small business owners. This is easy to understand, but it takes a ton of hard work and perseverance to hit $1 million in sales in any business. “It takes planning, systems, team and budget. It also takes advertising” The key to breaking through the $1 million mark for any of us is learning how to advertise and market with a positive ROI.” The key to all of this is aligning your resources, including financial, human and technological capital, BEFORE you begin to advertise. You have to evaluate what is happening NOW to assess improvements. You can find a link to the full article in my show notes, but a few of my favorite ideas he offered were #3 – start small and ramp up…build on your success… #8 – embrace change …#10 – Get advice along the way. He ends the article by saying Don’t let getting burned stop you from doing what is right for your business. Plow forward. If you want to generate $1 million in sales, start by taking a closer look at your advertising. I am available to help you take that closer … ANNCR: If you like what you just heard and are interested in talking more about how you can grow your business, call or text Jeremy Snider right now at 913-244-4424. 913-244-4424!


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