Some Thoughts About Censorship As We Fly Home

Jul 18, 2009, 11:54 AM, Narita, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
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craigshipp - over 7 years ago

Leo, why did you stop using Boo?


cruizer - about 8 years ago

Very interesting...I'm disappointed that Leo hasn' tbooed for 20 days....c'mon Leo!!!!


DonFritzJr - about 8 years ago

Ok now for the real information....look a 7 eleven!


Nelvis - about 8 years ago

Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe I'll get to go sometime. I hope you took a lot of pictures.


masamedia - about 8 years ago

Thank you Leo for all your interesting Boos :-) They were like audio-pictures. :)


desheng - about 8 years ago

As someone who has lived in China for 5 years now, I think many Chinese just get used to the censorship. And as I understand, many countries has some form of censorship, even US. Man are very adoptable to the "environment".
But if you want to get around, you get around. I use VPN for email and when I want to access certain blogs. Not a big problem, just some minor hassle.
But then again, I don't think twitter and friendfeed is big in China.
(Twitter was blocked in connection with June 4, but came up again towards the end of June. So this is just temporary.....)