Noise pollution makes live unbearable for city dwellers in Lagos

May 03, 2016, 01:48 PM

Noise has become the major cause of problem to many residents in the rapidly emerging mega city of Lagos. Religious houses have practically become a nuisance in this as they contribute immensely to the noise pollution in the state. oise is our enemy. It is not only loud enemy of our ears; it is also an enemy to the environment as it pollutes our surroundings. Constant exposure to loud noise, experts say, affects our auditory system; especially when it is above the normal 85 decibels (dBs). Noise above the normal decibels is capable of perforating our ear membranes which can result in temporary hearing loss.

There are many individuals who suffer from aural disorders caused by noise pollution. This disorder apparently manifests in the damage of the auricle as an initial sign.

Experts contend that noise is one of the most dangerous and silent environmental pollutions as its effects on human body system could lead to death. •Horn speakers used by churches, mosques and music sellers

•Horn speakers used by churches, mosques and music sellers

Mindful of the health hazards associated with noise, the Lagos State Government has come down hard on some sources of noise pollution. This it did by closing or sealing off some churches and mosques from which deafening noises emanate. Such are worship centres that use ahuja speakers to conduct their services. #LASEPA #Adebola Shabi #Noise pollution in Lagos