GEOFF DALGLISH treading lightly on the Earth talks 'Walking Water'

May 08, 2016, 04:53 PM

An ex race and rally driver and motor journalist, South African born Geoff Dalglish transformed his life from ‘petrolhead’ to ‘pilgrim’ after undergoing a spiritual and ecological awakening at the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland, where he currently resides and serves as their PR.

Geoff Dalglish has already walked around 20 000 kilometers, sharing a message about treading lightly on the Earth and his goal is to walk 40 000 kilometers, the equivalent of the total circumpherance of the planet ! In April 2014 Geoff was nominated for a prestigious Adventurer of the Year award. His nomination follows an epic 124-day 2 500 kilometer walk through six European countries and four major mountain ranges as an ambassador for WILD10 at the 10th World Wilderness Congress, held in Salamanca, Spain. His next challenge is a 55-day pilgrimage around awareness and issues of water in 2015 in California USA called ‘Walking Water’. In this Radio show, Geoff shares some beautiful ‘Madiba moments’ around how he first met Nelson Mandela and subsequent encounters.

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