Little grebes laughing

Aug 31, 2011, 10:52 AM, Walberswick, Suffolk, England
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birdtwitchr - over 5 years ago

HI Mark - hope you are well
thanks for tagging this twitchr - it is on the twitchr birdsong soundmap!

I'm getting in touch, because I'm doing a soundscape to encourage more people to upload birdsong sounds to twitchr.

The soundscape will be playing at a festival in the woods, called Up To Nature, and i would like to include a number of uploads from the twitchr sound map

I will credit all the "uploaders" included on a postcard that will also have details about the soundmap and how to take part.
Would you be happy for me to include a few of your recordings in the soundscape - and of course - you will be credited as a contributor - with your audioboo username, (or another name if you prefer) so people can always check out your other recordings

Let me know if you are OK with this, - you don't' have to do anything - just give me the thumbs up. Also - if you don't' want your recordings including - that's totally fine too!! - i completely understand!

I hope to hear from you - sorry i had to do this as a public comment on your recording, - i can delete it later if you like!

all best wishes
Kathy (birdtwitchr) - or email reply on kathy [at]