Jul 04, 2016, 10:00 AM

Join us on Saturday October 22nd for our live event celebrating Oscar Wilde in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin.

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The music of Wilde Stories - the suite by Michael Gallen with the animation visual artwork of Felicity Clear. Both are the artistic collaborators on Wilde Stories an imaginative arts and digital project around the fairytales of Oscar Wilde with a radio series on RTE lyric fm. This piece 'Shelter' is inspired by the Wilde Story 'The Devoted Friend' which is one of the five stories in the Wilde collection The Happy Prince and Other Stories (1888). This collection is the basic for the series and Gallen/Clear have worked together on the music and artwork for each story.

Shelter from Michael Gallen’s Wilde Stories suite inspired by Oscar Wilde’s 'The Devoted Friend', has been beautifully recorded by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra (conducted by Gavin Moloney) and RTÉ Cór na nÓg (lead by Choral Director Mary Amond O’Brien, accompanied by Niall Kinsella) for this series, with this piece featuring violin soloist Mia Cooper.

An Athena Media production for RTÉ lyric fm made with the funding support of the BAI and the TV licence fee and the additional support of the Arts Office of Dublin City Council.