AYP 8: "Singing Between Extrusions"

Jul 12, 2016, 01:48 PM

Greetings once again, dear listeners. In a move intended to soften our often-harsh bashing of Van Morrison, we listened to another record from the Rolling Stone Top 100 Albums list, 'Astral Weeks'. It's safe to say we weren't prepared for this, all we will say is that we tried, but not before discussing the baffling collapse of ATP, and the dangers of having a sausage fire in your pyjamas. Don't forget to check out Mike's listening notes on http://ayppodcast.tumblr.com and tweet us @ayppodcast #Podcast #Music #VanMorrison #AstralWeeks #Folk #ATP #SausageTrauma #HowsAboutThemHashtags