AYP 10: "Mood-Killing Pig Run-Off"

Jul 26, 2016, 12:39 AM

There's a fire between us, listeners, and a markedly different one, compared to the fire that exists between AYP and Babylon Zoo's debut album, 'the Boy With The X-Ray Eyes'. Mike decided it would be interesting to listen to an album by a certified one-hit wonder and, even now, it's hard to tell if he was right. You can get the full force of our reckoning by listening to the episode, and you can also hear our takes on this year's superhero movies, and which films to have sex to, if you fancy a challenge. Our landmark tenth episode has arrived, and stay tuned for more in a couple of weeks after we've had a quick break! Don't forget to check out the listener's notes at http://ayppodcast.tumblr.com, and tweet us your least arousing film at @ayppodcast! #Music #Podcast #Review #BabylonZoo #OneHitWonder #Spaceman #Jeans #Ad #Cinema #Sex #Superheroes #BatmanVSuperman #Saw #MoodKillingPigRunOff #StillAtItWithTheHashtags