Radio Interview with Attorney Eric Grimm after he called Judge Gregory C. Pittman a "Gorilla"

Jul 16, 2016, 12:53 AM

Eric Grimm who is running for Probate Judge in Muskegon County recently called Judge Pittman a "800 Pound Gorilla" in his email to the Muskegon Bar Association. His comments has caused an outrage at the thought of him becoming a Judge. Two paragraphs from his email is below. "“I can understand why some of the other candidates may not want to speak up about the 800-lb Silverback Alpha Male in the middle of the Probate Court. They are each considerably less free to walk away and refuse to have anything to do with this court if the bullying problem is not fixed. But that's precisely the reason why you need a willing reform candidate, and not someone who already has succumbed to the courthouse equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome, to be able to make things better. I'll confess, when I needed a record to be made for appellate purposes, of a hearing in front of Judge Pittman, and I wanted to keep him as pacified and docile as possible (which still was about as docile as a Donald Trump rally), I chose Charyn Hain from Varnum and Laura Morris from Warner to do the talking. But the real objective ought to be making certain that the law is followed and the public interest is well-served, not presupposing that we must forever walk on eggshells in probate court to avoid the wrath of the bully”.