Voices for your charitable site?

Sep 26, 2011, 11:50 AM

Charity and community not-for-profits have a great advantage: stacks of vivid vox-pop waiting to burst forth from your volunteers!
This pic is from a highly successful Planning for Real in south Hereford, when residents attached wish-flags to a huge map made by local schools. It yielded many a human story followed by six million pounds worth of Euro money.

It's become easy to gather live coverage for web video - a smartphone just as it stands, or with enhancements. Youngsters make great camera operators, too. Perhaps later on, engage a pro narrator to tie things together, or to sustain a corporate 'image' if that's crucial to what you do.
On my player is a taster of things a pro can offer you - and I am only one among many across the world. #Characters #Ellison #fundraising #WebMessages