Phi Fic - Frankenstein (PEL Crossover Special)

Jul 25, 2016, 12:00 PM

PEL welcomes a new podcast to our fledgling network: Phi Fic, which grew out of our Not School Philosophical Fiction group, featuring Nathan Hanks (who you'll likely recognize from our Not School announcements, Mary Claire (who helps edit the PEL blog), Daniel St. Pierre, Laura Davis, and Cezary Baraniecki. This time they discuss Mary Shelley's classic novel, and are joined by special guest, PEL host Wes Alwan. If you've never actually read it, don't think you know Frankenstein, because the structure, the themes, the tone, the insights into human nature and our relationship to technology: none of it is what you'd expect given the portrayal of the characters in popular culture.

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