AYP 33: "Stay out of Dickreach!"

Mar 15, 2017, 09:17 PM

Season 2.5, Episode 10. The Safe As Milk Alliance returns, continuing to plough into the 2nd wave of artist announcements like a rugby scrum that, bleeding profusely and covered in mud & shit, somehow found itself in a shopping centre, barreling towards the Pret with no intention of slowing down or letting go of the ball (shortly before discovering that no one actually knows where the ball is). Laboured similes aside, it's an unusually concise episode this week, where John, Mike, Matt, and Gordon discuss Butthole Surfers, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, and The Cosmic Dead (John's favourite grouping of artists so far, which is wrong, according to Matt). Hold tight and listen to what some bands get up to for tour hi-jinx, how long it takes a dog to wait for next week's episode, and what you need by way of footwear to wade through psychedelic gunk. #Music #Podcast #SafeAsMilk #ButtholeSurfers #CloudBecomesYourHand #TheCosmicDead #PsychedelicGunk #TowelCalledDickreach #StayInSchoolKids