Pantisocracy - Trailer - Episode 2 RTÉ Radio 1 Aug 30 2016

Aug 08, 2016, 10:21 AM

Panti Bliss hosts a late night cabaret of conversations with, and about, contemporary Ireland. for more

In this series the Queen of Ireland Panti Bliss invites a diverse gathering of intriguing, high profile and articulate guests into her parlour to chat about their life’s journey and share stories. From singers to scientists, athletes to actors, writers to rebels - all are citizens of the Pantisocracy where Panti herself holds court in a wry and incisive programme combining talk, song and performance. A cabaret for the times we live in. Pantisocracy is a society of equals. Episode 1 airs on Tuesday August 23rd, with the first 5 episodes all airing during this slot over the following weeks.

Pantisocracy: Episode 2 What Are We Like? TX Tues 30th August 10pm

Host Panti Bliss opens with the Panti Monologue, a personal observation on life as she sees it. In her parlour are guests; Eleanor Fitzsimons a writer whose latest work is a biography of Oscar Wilde told through the women in his life ‘Wilde’s Women’ and award winning actor Olwen Fouéré who has brought both Joyce and Beckett to the stage this year. With them in the Pantisocracy chambers is Pauric Dempsey whose explains why the Royal Irish Academy wants to put ‘women on the walls’ for 2016 while broadcaster Dil Wickremasinghe says as a new Irish citizen the 1916 rebels inspires her. Performer Jack Lukeman, shares stories of travelling in the United States during the Orlando massacre and entertains Panti, guests and the Pantisocracy audience with his song ‘Open Your Borders’.

Pantisocracy is an Athena Media Production for RTÉ Radio 1

Producer Helen Shaw

Production support Sarah Dillon, John Howard, Pearse O Caoimh