Hard to Bear

Aug 20, 2016, 02:06 AM

based on words from Elisabeth Elliot's devotional, A Lamp Unto My Feet. These griefs and sorrows are indeed hard to bear-- This bed of my trouble in which I must lie; Had I simply avoided the obvious snare, I'd be holding the pearls I've trampled in this sty. The troubles I've made are mine and mine alone To silently bear (suck it up) make no plea, Any help of relief I must pay out on my own I've no one to blame, pass the buck, just me.

Ev'ry grief and sorrow came somewhere from sin, And Christ received them all and willingly bore All our sins no matter what their origin Only pride keeps you from going, to humbly implore, "Lamb of God, who the sins of the world takes away Take the troubles I've made; please, take my sins today."

© Randy Edwards 2016 artwork: Unknown #christianity #sonnet #devotional #elisabethelliot