Scenes from an Italian Restaurant--no, not the Billy Joel song, although that's really fun too 😊

Aug 24, 2016, 03:31 AM

Today was my 39th birthday, and my friend Kim wanted to get me a present, so I told her the best gift I could possibly be given, aside from her pleasant company of course, was a meal at my favourite restaurant of all time. She was perfectly amenable to that, and our friends Tracy and Nelson wanted to come along as well. The food was absolutely divine; I had the risotto con tre formaggi (risotto with three cheeses and sundried tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce), homemade bread and a wee bite of Nelson's tiramisu, which was all I needed. Our very chivalrous waiter also brought me a complimentary glass of limoncella in honour of my birthday. That was rich enough to be a dessert in and of itself. Here's a brief exerpt of our outing. Nobody eats anything during this recording, but I can tell you categorically that all the food was thoroughly enjoyable. I have never had a disappointing meal there, nor has anyone else I know. #birthday #celebrations #food #friends #fun #Italian #meals #outings #restaurants