EDUCATINGHER04- KEEP IT 100 GIRL - Hello Girlfriend!! It's Girl Talk

Aug 25, 2016, 01:00 PM

Welcome to the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast. Today marks Day 4 of the EDUCATING HER series. EducatingHer means I am educating one female college freshman at a time attending a HBCU institution this Fall.   If you’re just getting wind of this series, you need to rewind a couple of episodes because now is where you have no clue what’s doing to happen, starting from day 1 and even beyond hat.   I asked these Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors from both HBCUs Morgan State and Howard University to name something your mother didn't tell you but your girlfriend during their freshman year did that took them off their game.   Girl stuff they didn't know before college.  Write me and tell me how this changed you.   5 things you’re gonna hear in the episode Shockers  Young and Dumb Mistakes We all Do  Relationship awareness  Reality of Sex and drugs Not the same person anymore    Suggested Tweets   Don’t miss “EDUCATINGHER,” @ninababel new podcast series about educating female college freshmen attending #HBCU20 schools this Fall 2016 @ninababel launches a new #podcast series about the stuff no one tells Freshmen from Day 1 and beyond  @ninababel launches a new #podcast series about the stuff you wish someone told your Freshmen younger self #hbcuradio   ABOUT NINA Nina works as a Social Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Girlcircle TV on YouTube, EducatingHER, Keep it 100 Girl Podcast, Lifestyle Writer, IT Consultant - NIBA, Modern Edgy Urban by Nina includes her line of t-shirts and greeting cards, and Author-to-Be of What Your Mother Didn't Tell You, But Your Girlfriend Did. Her services include self-worth coaching and motivational speaking. My passion and purpose is to give women of all ages the boost of confidence needed to take their self-worth to the next level.  She physically resides in Washington, DC Metro Area, but mentally on a beach. She is devoted to empowering young women, who are in pivotal times of their lives to celebrate every facet of embarrassment. Nina speaks to young women about socially and sexually awkward topics related love, sex, dating, and sexual health. Nina can be found laughing the loudest, finishing a cup of Cold Stone Creamery, or traveling somewhere exotic with a beach. You can find more of her brand on