02-Chinese phrases-mandarin-greetings

Oct 08, 2011, 03:32 AM


(polite) How are you. = 您好 = nín hǎo. How are you? = 您好吗?= nín hǎo mā?

(familiar) How are you. = 你好 = ní hǎo. How are you? = 你好吗?= ní hǎo mā? or, you just say "Hi" , more simple.

(answer) I am fine = 我很好 = wǒ hén hǎo

Good morning = 早上好 = zǎo shàng hǎo Good afternoon = 下午好 = xià wú hǎo Good evening = 晚上好 = wǎn shàng hǎo Good night = 晚安 = wǎn ān

Around lunch or dinner time, Chinese people like to greet like this also: Have you eaten? = 吃饭了吗?= chī fàn le mā? I've eaten = 吃过了 = chī guò le.

Grammar notes: 1…when you mean" this is a question" ,you just need to add a " mā" at the end of your sentence.

2...when 2 words with 3rd tone are together, the first word should change its tone to 2nd tone. example: you= nǐ , but, how are you = ní hǎo.

3..."le" without tone, means it spell a light tone.just lighter than others. #greetings #mandarin