Coz bros are always bros

Oct 09, 2011, 10:17 PM

Story: Coz bros are always bros! . Andrew was a narcissist, always thinking about himself. He never cared for his friends or family. He had a garrulous brother Jill who kept talking and talking even when Andrew showed no interest. Andrew always cursed Jill as real. and wanted to get rid of him. Jill being half-witted never understood that Andrew's hatred for him w . When they got young and their father died, Andrew decided to dupe his brother for his share of inheritance. He was sure that his brother will not be able to puzzle out the documents. He gave only 2% of the inheritance to his brother and kicked him out with alacrity. . Andrew invested all his money in the stock market. On 27th february 2009, the stock market crashed and left Andrew in penury. He had nothing left for himself, all his money, properties were gone. When Jill came to know about his brother's situation he searched for him and finally got him home. Andrew was filled with regret and started telling Jill how he always hated him and duped him. Andrew couldn't control his tears, and started crying. Jill hugged him and consoled him till he got normal. . While offering a glass of water, Jill said to his brother: . "I always knew about this brother, but I loved you so much that I couldn't avoid talking to you even though I knew I will regret it. After all you were the only one I could talk to. I had no list of long friends like you. They made fun of my slowness. I signed the documents blindly because your happiness mattered to me more than anything. You were so happy that day, I was ready to sign my death warrant. I got away from you because I didn't want to bother you anymore. I lived here alone, reading about you in the newspapers feeling proud. I wanted to visit you all the time but decided not to because I thought you were too busy and wouldn't like my chat." . "But why couldn't you just hate me?" . "Coz bros are always bros!" #bro #brotherhood #family #story