Skinwalker Ranch (Part 1)

Sep 01, 2016, 05:30 AM

Where do you go for your One-stop Shopping for the supernatural? Why the "Skinwalker Ranch" in northeastern Utah of course! It's got it all, including, but not limited to: Skinwalkers (naturally), UFOs, powerful poltergeists, deadly orbs, cryptids, cattle mutilation, interdimensional portals, disembodied voices, shadow beings and other assorted aliens, reptilian creatures, and hybrid wolf beasts, to name just a few. And all this for the low, low price of your grip on reality. It was a cost that would nearly be paid in full by the Sherman family, who owned the ranch for what must have seemed like an interminable two years, from 1994 to 1996. It was during this time that the Shermans not only lost 14 head of cattle and all of their pets but also their sleep and their understanding of the impossible. Join us for a trip to one of the most paranormal places on earth, won't you?

Tonight's Quote:

“We have to leave this place. We have to leave this place.” — Gwen Sherman, co-owner with husband Terry, of what became known as "Skinwalker Ranch."

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