Dr Ambedkar, Sangharakshita and the Buddhist Revolution part 1

Episode 303,   Sep 04, 2016, 08:39 PM

If you have actually heard of Dr Ambedkar in Western countries, you may most likely associate him with his role as a statesman and social reformer - but towards the end of his life Dr Ambedkar converted to Buddhism and with him hundreds of thousands of other people. As a result of his conversion there are now millions of new Buddhists in India. His conversion was the start of a peaceful revolution in India that continues to this day. More than that, Sangharashita's teaching of the Dharma and the evolution of Triratna is inextricably tied up with Dr Ambedkar and his approach on the Dharma. Today, over half the Triratna Buddhist Community and a third of the order lives in India. Carunalaka tells us about the events taking place in October and about the work of the India Dhamma Trust