Skinwalker Ranch (Part 2)

Sep 08, 2016, 05:21 AM

If there are truly supernatural forces at work on the “Skinwalker Ranch,” they do not seem to have your best interests at heart. At the least, they seem to be indifferent to human concerns and endeavors, content to go on about their mysterious business and not above the occasional, seemingly magical prank, no matter the consternation or cost. At the worst, some entities may just want your animals or they may want the spark that gives you life. What the purpose is for their deeds and interactions we may never know nor ever fully understand, for it’s clear that their reasons are their own.

Tonight's Quote:

“In the end, I suspect that this intense concentration of 'paranormal' activity could point us all toward a new understanding of physical reality, something that is already being debated at the highest levels of modern science."

— Colm A. Kelleher, co-author along with George Knapp of The Hunt for the Skinwalker

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