AYP 16: "Is It Grotbags?"

Sep 20, 2016, 08:52 PM

Season 2, Episode 6. Prepare to dance around your living room and chant like a cretin, before finally opening the door to reveal ALL YESTERDAY'S PARTIES' FIRST EVER SPECIAL GUEST! We welcomed Don't Call Me Ishmael's/Moorlands Radio's very own Gary Wilcox into AYPHQ for what will, in about three weeks, become a Wilcox Audio Tryptych (probably). Our heroes decided to get Gary lubricated (figuratively speaking) with an album swap, and he delivered 'Are You Serious?' by veritable chamberpop captain Andrew Bird, while John & Mike pelted Gary with bellowing guitar-droner Richard Dawson's superb 'Nothing Important' (causing John to try really hard not to do ANOTHER Geordie accent in the process). What did they think? You'll find out after you've listened to them discuss unreasonable customers getting kicked out of poncey cafes, and the perils of Trip Advisor. #Music #Podcast #Review #AndrewBird #RichardDawson #LemongrassTeabags #MurderedOnHoliday #IsItGrotbags