Sponsored, Episode 2: Wayne Wong

Sep 20, 2016, 10:33 PM

On episode two of the "Sponsored" podcast, host Mike Powell interviews Wayne Wong—a legend of the hot dog skiing era. The two discuss skiing in the '70s, the Wongbanger, and skiing's role in creating the wet T-shirt contest. “The lifestyle, the energy in skiing… I think that the wet t-shirt contest became really synonymous with hot-dog skiing and skiing,” says Wong.

Wayne Wong Show Notes 1:28 Wayne explains the history of the Wongbanger 2:10 Wayne’s inspiration 4:20 What was the vibe of the scene in the 70’s?
7:23 Did Wayne think he could turn skiing into a career? 9:36 1972 Freestyle Skier of the Year 10:32 The image of Wayne Wong 12:15 Wayne is squeaky clean 12:40 Tell us some crazy stories from that time 14:05 Stanley Larsen, 1970’s K2 Demonstration Team with Wayne, a guy who just said yes and lives to tell us a little about it. 20:05 More crazy stories from Wayne 22:40 Summer ski camps and Wayne’s real claim to fame 25:07 Yellowstone Club Experience, yellowstoneclub.com 27:31 How does Wayne feel about skiing now 29:42 Does Wayne follow any skiers from the past 20 years? 31:28 HotDoggers and pop culture. 32:20 From oozing style to the Wong Way, www.osbeusa.com 35:15 Wacky engineers and Anton Skis, Antonskis.com 36:32: What’s next in Skiing?