high Fidelity: A Century of Recorded Song with Jack L and Julie Feeney Episode 26 Promo 2

Oct 17, 2011, 02:31 PM
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HighFidelityJJ - about 6 years ago

Episode 26 Broascast on the 7th November on Rte Lyric Fm at 7pm: The Listeners’ Edition

In the final episode of a century of recorded song the listeners get to pick the music; the songs and the singers. We’ve been asking our listeners to let us know via facebook, twitter and gmail what songs and artists they love and which ones we have left out. So episode 26 is the listener’s playlist with songs like ‘Not Fade Away’ from Buddy Holly who somehow did not get played during the rest of the series! Listener Mark Rowan picked us up on the Buddy Holly miss but find out who else is on the listener playlist.