Manx Footy Pod - Episode Six 2016-17 - The Hitman Hatton

Oct 07, 2016, 03:50 PM

This week's bumper #ManxFootyPod features roving reporter Paul Hatton, St George's supremo Chris Bass Sr and ex-England and #LFC defender Mark Wright.

Hatty reflects on the Isle of Man FA's u18s #FACountyYouth Cup loss at the hands of Lancashire. He also looks back on nearly two decades with pad and pen covering the #Manx game.

Bass Sr talks about last week's #CLPL win over St John's and the start the reigning champions have made to the new season.

Plus we have the concluding part of Dave's interview with Mark Wright (not the one off #ToWIE) which includes a true or false game involving Manx teams' nicknames.

#football #nonleague #grassrootsfootball