Wisdom's Call

Oct 24, 2016, 02:29 AM

And now sons, to my words listen, do not stray; Do not draw close to loose love's door Lest you pour out your life become Folly's prey And look back on your days to bitterly abhor. But do stray, stay here among your lillies' love Along green banks between passion and promise With your lovely dear, your secret highland dove Who is your well's fullness, flowing spring, and solace. Why then my heart, do you wander exiled In furtive fancies from wood to wild wold Where so easily entangled, deceived, and beguiled You die of exposure lost, lonely, and cold? Lord, before you I stand, you see and ponder all Make my heart to love Wisdom, to delight in her call.

© Randy Edwards 2016 #Christianity #poetry #sonnet #Proverbs