I faut ete fiar, ee fow ayt fee-ar, We must be happy. Par Majorie Ozanne, par marjori oh-zohn, By Renée Jehan.

Oct 24, 2016, 09:33 AM

#GuernseyFrenchEisteddfod . . Class 351 recitation individual yrs 3-4
. .
1 J’oime a yaire, et j’oime à jouaï, Et j’oime etou a m’pourmenaï, Nous passe bouan temps la waique nous est,
Quànd nous est terjours fiars et gaie.
. 2 Mais si nous rouanne et n’est pas fiars, Nous vait que tout ira d’travars, Qui fait j’éprouve a m’contentaï, Dauve auchunne chose qui peut s’trouvaï.
. 1 zhoym a yair, eh zhoym a zhoo-eye eh zhoym etoo am poor-mayn-eye noo pass bwoh toh la wayk nooz ay kah nooz ay tairzhoo fee-ar eh djay * . 2 may see noo roo-ahn eh nay pa fee-ar noo veh keh toot eerad travar kee feh zheproov am koh-toh-tye dohv oh-tchurn showz kee puhr stroov-eye . * Note: “-dj” pronounced like “-dg” in the English word “edge” . 1 I like to read, and I like to play, And I like to go out, We have good times where we are,
When we are always happy.
. 2 But if we’re cross and not happy, We find that everything goes wrong, So I try to be content, With everything that happens.