AYP 20: "That's a pantomime that is NOT gonna get made..."

Oct 26, 2016, 08:09 PM

Season 2, Episode 10. Hello! You came back! How very novel of you. This week continues our foray into post-millennial top albums, with Mike giving us Fuck Buttons' 'Street Horrsing' and John doling out 'Night On My Side' by Gemma Hayes, but not before the subject of AI makes a welcome return to proceedings (how we neglected to mention "Tay Tweets" on previous occasions, we'll never know). To top things off, in homage to Fuck Button's somewhat blunt nomenclature, John and Mike have a look at a list of what the people of Britain regard as "top swears". Enjoy, and don't for get to check Mike's Listening Notes at http://ayppodcast.tumblr.com and follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ayppodcast #Music #Podcast #Review #FuckButtons #GemmaHayes #StreetHorrrsing #NightOnMySide #Benjamin #TayTweets #Ginger #Clunge