Sponsored, Episode 9: Glen Plake, part one

Nov 01, 2016, 10:08 PM

Glen Plake, the most recognizable skier ever, is still punk. Despite the fame and his perspective on skiing is still humble, interesting, refreshing, and honest. On this episode of Powder Radio's "Sponsored" podcast, the first in a three-part series with Plake, he tells host Mike Powell talks about the influence of the hot-dogging era, and the loss it represented to skiing, when an over-litigious society destroyed it.

"All the innocence and freewheeling spirit of skiing was basically ripped out from it it and basically goes into this stagnant, awful world or interpretation, unfortunately, we're still in," says Plake. "We chipped at the foundation but haven't made a big difference."

Plake also recognizes the influence of that era, especially Bobbie Burns. He thinks nothing happening today is as original.

"I have a hard time thinking that I started anything. I was just another link in the chain," says Plake. "I really don't think anything Tanner did was revolutionary, I don't think anything going on today is revolutionary at all, it's simply an extension of the hot-dogging era."

Show Notes 2:00: South Lake Tahoe: The early days 3:51: The Hot Doggers 5:50: Racing 9:30: Insurance screwed the Hot Doggers 11:30 Ski Hall of Fame 16:50: The future is bumpy 19:00: The image and the Hawk 22:00: Polluting Brad Holmes 30:29: Leg break 33:50: Denied access 38:07: A lot of trouble 39:30: Crashing Blizzard of Aahhhs